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消费的英语说法   consume



消费的相关 短语   超前消费 excessive consumption ; deficit spending ; pre-mature consumption ; overconsuming

消费主义 consumerism ; religion of consumerism ; mass consumption ; theory of consumer demand

消费潮 spending wave ; age-wave

消费膨胀 inflated consumption ; inevened consumption ; inflated c umption

消费开支 consumption expenditure ; consumer spending ; consumer expenditure ; private consumption

消费模式 expenditure pattern ; consumption pattern ; spending pattern ; mode of consumption

情感消费 emotional consumption

消费支出 consumer spending ; consumption expenditures ; personal consumption expenditures ; consumption

消费需求 consumer demand ; consumption demand ; consumption needs ; demand for consumption

消费的英语例句   1. novello says college students will spend $4.2 billion yearly on alcoholic beverages.


2. spending could outrun the capacity of businesses to produce the goods.


3. we have allowed spending and borrowing to rise in this recession.


4. the reduced consumer demand is also affecting company profits.


5. t-shirts, the epitome of american casualness, have moved upscale.


6. they are also spending much less on extras like meals in restaurants.


7. there is a set menu from £4.00 for two courses with coffee.


8. the restructuring of the pattern of consumption in britain also lagged behind.


9. recycling the waste from our increased consumption is better than burning it.


10. consumers did not spend and create jobs; they hoarded.


11. south korea's imports of consumer products jumped 33% in this year.


12. new consumer credit fell to $3.7 billion in august.


13. she later developed a taste for expensive nightclubs.


14. they have clearly embraced western consumerism.


15. the lowering of taxes and the consequent increase in spending


关于消费的英文阅读:大学生消费 警惕贷款陷阱   fu yanxi could not help buying an iphone at only a third of its market price in january. but now he is running into trouble – failing to pay the monthly due will damage his credit record.


“i regret my decision now. i thought i could squeeze out some 550 yuan every month to cover the loan,” said the 22-year-old english major at central china normal university. “as it turns out i’m not very good at managing my limited budget.”


fu is not alone. according to a recent report in wuhan evening news, more than 20,000 students in the city, which has about 1 million college students, have taken out loans to buy smartphones, tablets and other digital gadgets.


experts say college students are inexperienced with handling credit. they should first learn to manage their basic budget and become more responsible, both financially and mentally.

有关专家表示,大学生在处理信贷方面 经验 不足,他们应该先学会安排基本开销,在经济与心理上变得更有责任感。

zhang shuyi, 21, felt reassured when the salesman explained the 12-month loan to him. he walked away with a 2,300-yuan smartphone having paid only 230 yuan. the process looked easy enough and it took less than 15 minutes for his student id, citizen id and an activated bankcard to be checked.


“it was easy and the monthly due was only 250 yuan,” recalled the information engineering major at wuhan university of technology. later he purchased a digital camera in the same way.

就读于武汉科技大学信息工程专业的他回忆说:“这种方式十分便捷,每月也只需还250元。”之后,他用同样的 方法 购入了一部数码相机。

but when zhang couldn’t pay, he turned to his parents for help. a short calculation revealed that he had to pay 3,600 yuan for his 2,300 yuan phone, even though the initial payment looked minimal.


a lack of basic finance knowledge is one of the major reasons why students are falling into the credit purchase trap, said chen xin (not his real name), a credit manager at a local bank.


“what they see is only the small initial payment to take the gadget home,” said chen. “some don’t realize that interest is charged on the loan. in zhang’s case it was more than 40 percent, which is basically usury.”


wuhan morning news conducted a survey on student budgets across five local universities. the report indicates that on average students have a monthly budget of 1,000 yuan. interestingly, more than 30 percent of respondents said they usually exceed their budget.


“everything was taken care of for these students before they entered college,” said shen qinlin, an education phd based in beijing. “it can be very challenging for them to suddenly manage a budget all alone. but it’s a lesson they have to learn sooner or later.”

来自北京的 教育 学博士沈勤林(音译)认为:“在这些学生升入大学前,他们受到了无微不至的照顾。突然间要他们独立管理日常开销确实颇具挑战性。但这一课他们迟早都要学习。”


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